Danii Apples

Danii Apples


P: 423-343-2646

Danii jumped into the industry feet first by making top 100 in the One Shot Hair Awards in 2022. Since then, she has strived everyday to perfect her craft and go beyond  her passion for unconventional, and expressionistic hair. 

Danii is multi-talented in various facets of the hair industry, bringing her special weird-edge to anyone who sits in her chair. Low maintenance natural looks, alternative cuts and stylings, and of course her main métier, magical creative colors.

She strives to create a safe space where any person can sit in her chair and treat themselves to an experience. Regardless of texture, style, length, or gender, “all humans welcome” is her motto, and she takes pride in carrying that.

She also calls herself a hair artist for the living and the dead, due to her want and interest in doing hair for those who have passed on and deserve to look their best on their resting day. 

When she’s not behind the chair, Danii is relaxing by knitting, listening to music, playing video games, or reading her current favorite manga. When not relaxing, she enjoys roller skating, going to the gym, or watching pro-wrestling (her second career choice if hair doesn’t work out.)